And the winner of the coolest small office space in Kansas City is…

Lucky Orange makes employees and office culture a priority, and our efforts paid off. We were recently voted  as the coolest small office space in Kansas City.

There’s a lot to love at Lucky Orange as a customer – you get seven amazing features for one incredibly low price. More than 150,000 websites have used Lucky Orange to grow conversions. We’re honored to have the opportunity and technology to help our users, but there’s so much more to Lucky Orange.

In fact, there are 14 (soon to be 15) people working behind the scenes to drive Lucky Orange’s current and future development, customer service, compliance, sales and marketing. It’s hard to believe that just three years ago, our team consisted of just five people. Now we’re more than a baker’s dozen!

As our employee numbers continue to multiple, our founders have made the office and its culture a top priority. If you haven’t already, check out more of what they said in this article.

Earlier this month, we were named a finalist in the Kansas City Business Journal’s Best Places to Work contest. Our benefits, environment and leaderships were evaluated by our toughest judges – our employees.

As one of the finalists for the extra small businesses, we are thrilled to be honored.

Of course, when the publication opened its “Kansas City’s Coolest Office Spaces” competition, we were happy to jump at the chance to apply. You can’t be one of the best places to work without having an amazing office space!

Sure enough, our office was also named a finalist in the “Coolest Office Spaces” competition.  Going against seven other small office spaces with less than 8,000 square feet, Lucky Orange pulled off the win in a close public voting.

Whether it was our homey comforts like our couches and full kitchen, our Zen room or fun-focused game spaces, Lucky Orange was declared the victor of the small office spaces.

We’re excited to be awarded this honor, but the competition doesn’t end here.

Over the next several weeks, larger office spaces will also compete. In November, all of the finalists will go head-to-head to be declared the ultimate winner of Kansas City’s Coolest Office Space.

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