Lucky Orange has more than 300 5-star reviews on Shopify

Lucky Orange surpasses 300 five-star Shopify reviews: See what merchants are saying

Shopify merchants love Lucky Orange. Don’t take our word for it; just check out our 300 five-star Shopify reviews.

Some things are just made for each other – they go together so well.

Peanut butter and jelly.
Chips and salsa.
Cheese and wine.
Pen and paper.
Batman and Robin.
Lucky Orange and Shopify.

Since 2016, Lucky Orange has worked with Shopify, the Guru team and merchants to create the most seamless integration. We strive to provide merchants with the best analytics tools to help make their stores thrive.

How much do Shopify merchants enjoy Lucky Orange?

We’ll let their reviews do the talking – we have plenty to pick from. Last week, we surpassed 300 five-star Shopify reviews!

Our Shopify support team would like to send a special “thank you” message to our current and future Shopify users:


Here are some of our favorites over the past few months (correct for grammar and/or clarity):

 “The best app to see and observe customers movements on the website! It has helped me a lot to optimize and make my product pages better for more conversions. The in-chat feature is the best one as Ii can chat with customers live when they are on the website. Kudos to the makers.” – High Street Urban

“This app is excellent and quite addictive. 😀 I love how I was able to identify issues with my site that I hadn’t noticed myself by checking the recordings!” – Erylan

“I was lucky the day I found this app as it is the most valuable one I use. After just 2 or 3 days of use, I determined customers were having trouble moving around on my Shopify theme. I replaced it almost immediately. I can see where my customers are coming from, what times, what device they are using, and actually see their movements while shopping.” – NikkiBrands

“Wow! The amount of insight from this app is quite amazing. There is so much you can do with it and there are a lot of options. It’s my first week but the insights have already been invaluable.” – Binoid CBD

“I use this app to track all of my web traffic on my site, and it’s been instrumental in improving my conversion rate. With the screen recording feature that allows me to watch how my visitors interact with my site, I’m easily able to diagnose any issues and find out where they fall out of the funnel. The pricing is extremely competitive, and it’s jam-packed with features. My favorite, besides the screen recording, is the click heatmap that shows you where your visitors are clicking on your site and allows you to see what parts of your site are doing the best job catching people’s attention.” – Pride Place

These are just five examples; there are more than 295 five-star reviews to browse, too!

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