The Kansas City Business Journal's annual Best Places to Work named Lucky Orange as one of the honorees.

Lucky Orange named a “Best Places to Work” honoree

Lucky Orange is proud to announce that we’ve been named an honoree in the Kansas City Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work in 2019” competition. We’re one of the 12 extra small business honorees, categorized as businesses with 10-50 employees.

It turns out good things do come in small packages.

Lucky Orange will be attending a luncheon on Oct. 10 where the top three finalists in each category will be announced.

All businesses being considered for this honor were evaluated by their toughest judges – their employees.

In an anonymous survey sent earlier this summer by the Kansas City Business Journal, employees were asked to rate their company and provide unbiased answers to questions that looked at their employer’s benefits, work environment, management and more.

So, what makes working at Lucky Orange so great? You may have read about our new office, but what do our employees really think?

We turned to Glassdoor, an anonymous review platform for employees, for honest feedback from past and present employees. You can even check it out here for yourself. 

Here are some of our favorites (corrected only for grammar and AP style):

“Until I found Lucky Orange, I thought work was something you did to pay the bills, not something you got to truly enjoy. Forget the corporate politics or worrying each day that your startup has run out of funds and just come to work to help others make their businesses better. With a team of great people, owners who want everyone to succeed and new projects to work on at all times, the workweek flies by before you know it. “

“One of the best things about Lucky Orange is that you have the trust of the leadership and the other team members from Day One. People trust you to be accountable to your work and don’t micromanage your day.”

“I also like that everyone has a seat – and a voice – at the table. From customer service, to sales, to developers, to user experience, to marketing – everyone gets a say and can help shape the future of the company.”

“The people at the company truly become your family and all of it makes for an experience I would hope everyone gets an opportunity to have at least once during their working career.”

“The owners bent over backward to make sure everyone felt included and respected, and to make sure their employees’ path was clear of obstacles so they could do their best work.”

Now the countdown to Oct. 10 is on – just 55 days to go.

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  1. Felicia and Seymour Weiner

    We could not be more proud odd this well- deserved recognition. The integrity and personality of the principals when they started the company has fostered a unique work environment. Congratulations Lucky Orange.

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