The new Lucky Orange office

5 essential things for a happy work environment

From a recharge room to competitive Pop-A-Shot games, Lucky Orange’s new office has been designed with performance, engagement and fun in mind (with a heavy emphasis on fun).

The past 12 months have been pretty incredible for Lucky Orange.

We surpassed our 100,000th website to use Lucky Orange technology and doubled our staff to keep up with technical, marketing and customer relations needs.

While this growth is certainly welcome and celebrated, it also presented a new challenge: we were bursting at the drywall seams of our office.

It was important for our leadership to find the right balance of space that could continue to accommodate Lucky Orange’s future growth, address current challenges in our existing space and be close to the amenities our employees enjoyed.

After nearly a year of touring potential spaces, we finally found the perfect new home in a building located just across the street the old office.

The space we were moving into hadn’t seen an update in sometime, which was perfect for us to have a new blank slate to start from to create the perfect Lucky Orange workspace.

Blank slate to finished space: Our must-haves for a successful workspace

From the very beginning, Lucky Orange has always valued using our own team’s creativity to solve challenges. That’s how we built our award-winning software. So, it only made sense for us to apply that same logic to building out our new office space.

Most companies would have hired designers and architects to transform the space. We knew our employees would have the best ideas at creating an office space that was highly functional for our team and embodied the spirit of Lucky Orange.

We left the design of our new office in our employees’ capable hands.

As we started the design process, there were some key functional requirements the team kept in mind:

  • Cross-team collaboration. We’ve always been a fan of the impromptu conversions and brainstorm sessions that happen in an open office environment, so we knew we wanted to maintain that layout.
  • Ample spaces for heads-down, focused work. As great as open office floor plans can be, one of the drawbacks is having a quiet space to do focused work or jump on a phone call without interrupting others.
  • Be scalable as the business grows. We wanted to infuse a little future-proofing into our office space so we could continue to add more team members as Lucky Orange continued to grow.
  • Comfortable workstations. Everyone defines comfortable a little differently, but we wanted to be sure we were giving employees flexible options for their workspaces in the office.
  • Maintain the relaxed and fun Lucky Orange vibe. A stiff corporate vibe with high-walled cubicles just isn’t Lucky Orange. We wanted our new office to reflect our quirky personality.

In the process, we found five things in particular when looking into designing and maintaining a happy work environment:

No. 1: Make it easy for people to have fun at work

Lucky Orange pop-a-shotWhether you’re at Lucky Orange or not, you’re going to spend at least 30% of your life working. In other words, we’re going to spend roughly the same number of hours during the week working, being at home and sleeping (for most of us – sorry new parents).

Why wouldn’t we want to make the workday as fun as we can?

We wanted to be sure our new office space had plenty of fun potential. On any given day, you may find:

  • A Pop-A-Shot competition
  • Millennial Monopoly marathon
  • A game room filled with free candy, board games like Scrabble*, video games and a TV perfect for streaming whatever floats your boat (like the March Madness tournament)
  • Toys in each meeting room to inspire creativity or liven up a meeting
  • Hidden dinosaurs throughout the office

Hidden dinosaurs at Lucky Orange*Spoiler: One of our junior developers dominates at Scrabble – you never know who will surprise you.

Everyone at Lucky Orange takes their job seriously, but we all know that sometimes you need to step away from your desk and do something different to give your mind a rest and a chance to work through those challenges you’ve been trying to solve. This fun atmosphere doesn’t stop there. It even extends to our coat rack.

Each team member created a plaster cast of their hands and decorated this hand in their own unique way. We’ve mounted the hands in an entry way for an amusing and personalized way to hang our coats and other personal items.

It all comes down to this – life is too short not to enjoy working.

As a team, we’re found that the harder we play, the happier we are in general, the more we want to come to work and the more productive we are.

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No. 2: Mental health takes center stage

Relax in the Lucky Orange zen roomAs we designed the new space, we wanted to give our team the freedom to take a mental break.

Sometimes we all just have bad days; maybe it’s an issue at home, everyday stress or a mental roadblock. Whatever it is, no one should have to “power though it” just to get a job done.

This is where the Zen room really takes shape.

The room is a cozy area set apart from the office. It has a comfortable chair and water fountain to provide a momentary escape to decompress and reset. To some people that may look like meditating while others it may be just resting to the relaxing sound of the fountain.

Whatever it looks like, the Zen room is there to make it possible to keep our team mentally healthy and empowered to say, “I can’t right now.”

The people who work here at Lucky Orange aren’t robots and shouldn’t expected to act like them either.

No. 3: Bring home comforts to the office

Lucky Orange encourages eveyone to use the kitchen and enjoy!Dorothy was right in saying “there’s no place like home.” It’s a little – err, a lot – cliché for our Kansas-based company. That being said, it’s true.

When we were designing the new space, we wanted to make the office feel like home.

If you step into our kitchen/break room, you’ll feel like you’re at home. From its butcher block countertop to the stone flooring, our kitchen is a far cry from the typical corporate break room.

The kitchen is perfect to:

  • Connect with the rest of the team: The folks here at Lucky Orange love to eat and talk. Our kitchen has an island and oversized table made for getting to know each other better. It’s not unusual to see everyone enjoy some sushi or pizza over lunch while just hanging out and chatting.
  • Make a fresh, healthy (or unhealthy) lunch: We won’t judge either way. With a microwave, stove, oven and multiple refrigerators, you aren’t confined to the typical packed lunch that’s reheated in the microwave. There’s a grocery store 500 feet away. If you want to make fresh tacos, go for it! If you want to heat up a frozen pizza, be our guest. If you want to bake cookies, everyone will want to help you taste test.
  • Brew their favorite cup of coffee: Lucky Orange doesn’t have the typical pot of coffee on at all times. Some of us prefer Starbucks, but about half of the team brews their own cup of joe. We have a collection of coffee makes that line a counter, ranging from a Keurig to a coffee-house level setup.

No. 4: Just be you

One of our developers works from the couch.Lucky Orange really doesn’t want its team to feel like just a number. This isn’t a huge corporation with mazes of cubicles and policies that stunt growth on a personal and professional level.

When we designed this space, we wanted to make sure that all current and future members of our team had what they needed to thrive. Everyone has a different style of working, so wouldn’t it make sense to give everyone choices?

  • If you want to stand, just raise your desk. All desks are motorized and can be adjusted to your specific height needs.
  • If you want more privacy, head to a meeting room.
  • If you want more comfort, lay on the couch or an oversized chair.
  • If you need to work in nature, go to our outdoor picnic area.
  • If you want to chat with your team, snag one of our standing collaboration stations.

Oh, there’s something not mentioned on this list that you think would help you enjoy work? Everyone also gets a “desk happiness” allowance to help customize our needs, whether it’s to beautify a desk, bring in an exercise ball, have a foot massager or otherwise give you just what you need to rock.

Note: We aren’t kidding.

No. 5: Make moms comfortable

Nursing mothers have a safe, private and comfortable place to pump. As our team has grown, so have the needs of our working moms.

Considering only half of U.S.-based organizations offer on-site lactation rooms, we didn’t want to miss out on including a safe space for nursing mothers to pump while at work.

No one would be left pumping in the bathroom on our watch.

We carved out an area just for a lactation space. It includes a comfortable chair, space for a pump and a designated refrigerator.

The room itself also has privacy blinds on the windows and locks on the door.

Our team wanted to ensure nursing moms, now and in the future, have a space they can use at any time of their workday.

No. 6: One brand, one space

Lucky Orange promotes its brand values, such as empathy.Last but certainly not least, manning our own design also gave us an opportunity to showcase our brand identify and weave our core values into the space.

It’s like a two-for-one special that results in highlighting who we are today and what we want to become.

For example, all our colors connect with the Lucky Orange brand, and there are a few logos spread throughout the space. We’re also installing a custom mural that represents our brand in action.

However, colors and logos aren’t the crux of our business. Those reinforce our company brand, but our brand goes far beyond that.

We’ve also woven other aspects of our brand – like our brand values – very tangibly through visuals in our large conference room as well as subtly in the way we designed the space.

Wrapping it up
Designing a new office from a blank state was no easy task. We had hurdles to overcome, whether it was surprises during the demolition or issues with materials being delivered on time and unbroken.

As we designed the space, we kept our eyes on what was most important – employee happiness.

One study found that happy employees are as much as 20% more productive than unhappy employees. In other words, when a business puts its employees’ happiness first, productivity follows closely behind.

Life coach Camille Preston, Ph.D., explains: ““Too many companies are overly focused on what they do but overlooking and minimizing who is doing the work, as well as how and why they are doing the work. While job security and financial stability are important to job satisfaction, so are opportunities to use one’s skills and abilities. The bottom line is that people need to continue to grow in order to remain engaged and productive.”

We’ve been in our new space now for a few months, and the results have been immense. Productivity has skyrocketed, not to mention the happiness factor of our team. Everyone wins.

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