GLM Designs used Lucky Orange's session recordings and live chat to help make customers happy.

BigCommerce merchant decreases customer bottlenecks by 70% thanks to Lucky Orange

It’s a scenario no business owner wants to see happen to their business. 

GLM Displays uses Lucky Orange to improve customer experiences and converrsionsYou’ve invested the time and energy to understand your customers, perhaps built customer personas, figured out where and how they want to interact with you and buy your products or services. You create a compelling online shopping experience that you’re sure will meet their needs and leave them “wowed” by an amazing user experience. 

But then after you’ve thrown open the digital doors to your online storefront, the traffic flowing in through the doors isn’t converting like you expected. 

When your worries become reality

That’s exactly the scenario GLM Displays found itself in when it came to people visiting but having troubles converting on its website. 

GLM Displays began in the fall of 2008 with the goal to provide their clients a diverse range of products and services to meet their budget and experience goals. The have doubled down on providing their customers with top notch customer service and products for tradeshow displays, retail signage and promotional items to name a few. 

With almost 20 years in the industry, owner and founder Matthew Lunser understands how important creating a positive customer experience is to long-term growth. He has built his business around ensuring that his customers have nothing short of a stellar experience whether it be online, over the phone or in person. 

Prioritizing the customer experience 

GLM Displays knew to best serve its customers, It had to meet customers where and how they wanted to interact – through self-serve online experiences. Creating an exceptional online experience was a key component to continued growth for the business. 

Matthew and team were looking for ways to communicate with visitors while they were on the site and identify bottlenecks and potential issues that prevented customers from completing their order. 

The GLM team was on the right path to identifying one of the most important issues that impacts customer experience. A January 2019 survey from iVend Retail found that a quick and easy checkout was the most important aspect of the retail shopping experience that internet users worldwide valued the most. 

The search for tools to improve conversion rates

After reviewing their existing website analytics tools, the GLM team realized they were lacking a tool that provided straightforward, actionable information that allowed them to quickly identify and address barriers to conversion. GLM Displays realized they need a tool that allowed them to watch session replays of its customers’ behaviors while on-site. Real-time insights that allowed the team to engage with customers while they were still on the website in that moment through live chat was sticking point for the business. 

According to eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark survey, people aren’t just using live chat, they are getting more satisfaction out of it than from any other channel. 

Their first stop was to check out the BigCommerce app store to see if there were any suitable tools that also offered an easy integration with their store. They came across Lucky Orange with the Big Commerce app store. 

The GLM team reviewed the capabilities of Lucky Orange and were excited about what they found.  

“At first I thought to myself, this must be too good to be true,” Matthew said. “A tool that offers everything we need including live chat and session recordings all at an affordable price, this can’t be possible. We decided to give it a shot and haven’t looked back since.”

“The most seamless integrations we have ever done”

Outside of the feature set that appropriately aligned with the needs of GLM Displays, the ease of install was also a huge benefit. 

“The install of the Lucky Orange software onto our website was one of the most seamless integrations we have ever done,” Matthew said. “Almost instantly after installing Lucky Orange on our website, we started to see instant results. Lucky Orange really proved to us that what we were hoping it could deliver, it did.

Time saved on analytics = more time spent with customers

As a business owner, ensuring an exceptional customer experience is top priority. Implementing tools that save time on the backend, allowing for more customer interactions are critical. 

“Within the first week we saved 3-4 hours in cart abandonment investigations by being able to use the visitor playbacks to identify bottlenecks in the checkout process,” Matthew said. “We’ve experienced a 70% reduction in customer inquiries regarding order placement, product specifications and template locations based on insights gleaned from visitor session recordings and chat conversations. These insights have allowed us to enhance the user experience on our website to allow our customers to find the information they are looking for quickly and purchase easily.”

Addressing these conversion-blocking issues was a big deal for GLM Displays, as it should be for any business.  In Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer research, it found that 74% of people were likely to switch brands if they found the purchasing process too difficult. 

GLM Displays also increased customer satisfaction without sacrificing efficiency by using Lucky Orange’s live chat software without taking them away from their day to day tasks. Live chat lets GLM team members continue to foster relationships and encourage trust with the ultimately goal of creating repeat customers. 

Like any hard-working business owner, Matt and the team at GLM Displays understand that meeting and delivering against their customer’s needs is crucial. Armed with the Lucky Orange tools at their disposal, GLM Displays is poised to continue to grow its list of happy customers.

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