Get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Lucky Orange

Win big this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with stellar forms

It’s never too early to start preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now is a time to get your website ready for more traffic and more sales (or lead) opportunities. In the first installment of our new series on BFCM prep, we’ll take a look at ways to improve your forms.

Tl;Wr (too long; won’t read): Download our guide to higher-converting forms

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) on the horizon, you know the holiday season will be here before you know it. It’s time to get your website in tip-top shape so you can end the year in the black.

Now is a perfect time to analyze and improve your forms as you start getting your website ready for the holiday sales season.

Whether you’re a B2B company with lead generation forms or a B2C merchant with checkout forms, we have you covered.

Download our free guide to higher converting forms now that can help you convert more leads and generate more sales during BFCM.

Still not convinced? Here a few facts from BFCM 2018 to consider:

  • Black Friday was the second-best day for online shopping, generating $6.2 billion
  • Cyber Monday 2018 was the largest e-commerce day in history with $7.9 billion in sales
  • Total spend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday: $24.2 billion, a 23% increase from 2017
  • $201.7 million was spent every minute in online sales during BFCM

Translation: Last year’s BFCM was awesome, and this year is poised to be even better.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your forms updated and in place. July gives you plenty of time to test new forms, analyze fields and understand what your future customers will want to complete.

Find out what your forms could be missing.

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