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Ask Professor Tux: All about chat auto invites

Professor TuxingtonIf you’re new to Lucky Orange chat or need a refresher, Professor Tux is in the house to look at auto invites. Here’s what they are, how to use them and what it means for your website.

Lucky Orange chat enables businesses to interact and engage with people before they leave and abandon their carts. However, instead of manually asking a person to chat, you can use auto invites to  ask people to chat when certain criteria are met.

For example, you can set up an auto invite to initiate a chat with someone who spends two seconds on your pricing page.

How it works

Under the chat tab, you can set the auto invite criteria to match any number of conditions including:

  • Visit to a specific URL
  • Time spent on the site
  • Time spent on a specific page
  • Behavior tags*

*Editor’s note: Behavior tags let you “tag” specific any page or traffic source to monitor and analyze actions through recordings, conversion funnels, heatmaps, polls and chat auto invites. Read more here.

Once it’s set up, if a person meets your specific set of conditions, an invite to chat with you or another chat operator will automatically deploy.

As a result, you can explain information to people who are paused on your shipping information or answer questions to help them signup, checkout or otherwise convert.

Creating auto invites
Auto invites take a few minutes to create. We’ve outline it below, or you watch it in action here.

Under the Chat tab, click the Auto Invites button:
Auto chat invites are a great toolNext, click on “Create New Rule” button:
Auto chat invites are an excellent tool for customer serviceThe rule editor will display, allowing you to specify what conditions you want someone to meet to activate the auto invite.
Auto chat invites are a great tool

You can make rules as simple or as complex as you want.

By default, every added condition must be met, or no invitation will be sent. You can change this behavior by selecting the match ANY option from the condition match type dropdown menu:
Auto chat invites are a great tool

When completed, your auto invite may look something like this:
Auto chat invites are a great tool

To save, click “Create Invite.” The rule will immediately be live.

Keep in mind you can edit, delete or pause any of your invites at any time.

Examples of auto invites

Let’s say you’re launching a new Snapchat ad campaign from Shopify. You set up UTM parameters for this campaign and created a behavior tag based on one of those parameters.

If you used a link like, “Snapchat” would be the parameter used to create the behavior tag.

Now, you want to create an chat auto invite that targets people coming from Snapchat who spent 120 seconds on your Shopiify store’s shipping page.

In that situation, your auto invite would look something like this:
Auto chat invites are a great toolYou can customize auto invite conditions to be as complex or as simplified as necessary. For example, if you want an auto invite to deploy visitors who look at your contact page, your auto invite may simply look something like this:
Auto chat invites are a great tool

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