5 Quick Ways To Get More Website Conversions


In our joint webinar with Main Street ROI — “5 (Very) Actionable Ways to Improve Your Website Conversions Today” — we looked at breaking those bad website habits to drive more conversions and keep your boss (and customers) happy.

Did you miss our webinar? There’s a replay at the end of this post.

Let’s dive into five simple ways you can start getting more conversions through your website, today.

#1 Clear the traffic jam

Instead of driving more traffic to your website, focus on the visitors who are already engaging with your website.

More traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see more conversions if you don’t understand why that traffic isn’t converting in the first place.

Using visitor recordings and dynamic heatmaps, you can identify what areas of your website could be driving visitors away.

Remember: You aren’t dictating to your traffic; you’re catering to their needs.

#2 Slim down your website

Not only are the number of websites online today exploding, but with a lot of them are also large and bloated. In 2017, websites were 212 times larger than websites in 1995.

Cut the fat by identifying what’s slowing your website, compressing files, minimizing image and video sizes, leveraging browser caching and running a speed test.

Fun fact: There’s a 7 percent reduction in conversions for every one-second delay in page load time.

#3 Smooth out the bumps in the visitor’s journey

Dive into what could be blocking visitors from checking out. Are you asking for too much “extra” information (i.e., phone numbers) visitors don’t want to give out?

Review your forms with form analytics and check out processes with visitor recordings to see how visitors are really using your website. What form fields could you remove for a better experience? How could you simplify the checkout process?

Don’t blindly make changes: Conversions are about more than a magic call-to-action button color or what an internet “expert” suggests. Test and analyze to find out what works best for your website and customers.

#4 Get your extrovert on

Support your visitors through their entire journey, not just during the exploration or purchase stages. Use live chat to give customers incredible service, such as co-browsing with them to digitally lead them to the right product.

You can even stop visitors before they abandon their carts through chat and offer incentives to draw them back.

Live chat rules (seriously): Customers prefer live chat. More than 75 percent of customers won’t buy from a website unless it has chat.

#5 Find your cheerleaders and start evangelizing

Go beyond the sale to turn those happy converts into valuable cheerleaders who gladly (and freely) promote your business to their friends and through reviews.

Offer incentives and referral programs to give your customers an added reason to share the love. Don’t underestimate your cheerleaders: 77 percent of buyers trust content shared by “normal people rather than content shared by brands themselves.

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