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Vote for Lucky Orange in the 2019 Marketing Technology Awards

Are you ready to get your vote on? Rock your vote in the 2019 Marketing Technology Awards and let your voice – and marketing tech favorites – be heard.

UPDATE (Feb. 15): Voting is now closed; thank you for voting for Lucky Orange! 

Get ready to vote in three…two…one…and GO!

The nominees for the best marketing technologies of the year are in, and voting is underway to select the technologies that are the best across a number of categories.

Yours truly, Lucky Orange, is in the running to win an award for the Best Analytics Platform and the Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools/Technology.

And we need your help.  Or rather, we need your votes.

We have helped 100,000+ websites understand how to gain more conversions with the traffic they already have, and the results speak for themselves, whether it’s from an e-commerce website or agency:

  • MyBaitShop.com used Lucky Orange to increase conversions by 450 percent in just 103 days. Keith Bell, owner of MyBaitShop.com turned to conversion funnels to identify customer drop-off points, dynamic heatmaps to prioritize product placements and polls to discover the products customers wanted to buy. As Keith Bell, owner of MyBaitShop.com said, “I started seeing results fairly quickly. I learned where people were going on my website and where they were leaving. It gave me an insight into the customer’s behavior.” [Case Study]
  • Square 2 Marketing, a digital marketing agency, used Lucky Orange’s HubSpot integration to help increase conversions by as much as 300 percent for their clients. This integration loads each contact’s dynamic heatmaps, session recordings and chat logs into the contact’s page within the HubSpot CRM making it a valuable sales and marketing tool.  Gabe Wahhab, from Square 2 Marketing, explained, “By combining our HubSpot data with our Lucky Orange data through the integration, we were now able to see our heatmap, recording, conversion and account data all in one spot on a contact level. This has saved us numerous hours in analysis, improved conversion rates and helped create better experiences.” [Case Study]

After you’ve voted for Lucky Orange in the Best Analytics Platform and Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tool/Technology, be sure to cast your vote for your other favorites in categories like Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform, Best Email Service Provider and Best SEO Tools.

Please let us know if you run into any issue, and we will pass it along to the organizers.

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