Mkt4Edu grows client conversions for the higher education market in Latin America

Lucky Orange and Mkt4EduThe higher education sector in Latin America and the Caribbean is growing rapidly. According to a 2017 World Bank report, enrollment rates at higher education institutions in this region doubled between 2000-2010.

As student enrollment grows, so too are the numbers of higher education institutions. Nearly a quarter of the higher education institutions operating in Latin America and the Caribbean were founded between 2000-2013.

This leaves a lot of opportunity for higher education institutions that are looking for ways to connect with students who are pursuing advanced degrees. That’s where Mkt4Edu comes into play.

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Mkt4Edu is a full-service marketing agency focusing on the global higher education sector.

With offices in the Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Mkt4Edu has helped more than 50 educational institutions in Latin America attract more students and grow their enrollment numbers. It’s also HubSpot’s largest partner in the education space and the only HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner in Brazil.

The educational institutions that hire Mkt4Edu are looking for the agency to use its expertise in tactics like inbound and outbound marketing, conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization to help potential students learn about their organizations and ultimately enroll in courses.

That’s where a powerful platform like Lucky Orange helps Mkt4Edu deliver on its promises to clients to help make the most out of their digital marketing efforts so the client can focus on what they do best – delivering an outstanding educational experience to students.

As Mkt4Edu explains, “We as company adopted the Growth Hacking mindset, and Lucky Orange enables us to really hack the growth and for our clients to really see what sales enablement is about.”

Genius-level conversion insights

One of the ways that Mkt4Edu puts Lucky Orange to work for its clients is by using the dynamic heatmaps feature extensively across its clients’ websites.

One of the quickest and easiest insights to deliver to clients is scroll depth from the Lucky Orange scroll heatmap. The scroll depth report allows you to see exactly how far down a webpage prospective students are scrolling.

Scroll map
Source:, a client of Mkt4edu

The key insight that Mkt4edu is looking to uncover with a scroll heatmap report is to see if its client has their call to action placed high enough up on the page for the student to see it and take the next step on their educational journey.

Moving a missed call to action (CTA) is an easy fix that Mkt4Edu can make for a client to help them generate leads.

Another Lucky Orange feature that appeals to Mkt4Edu clients is live recordings. It’s a powerful tool the agency can share with its clients to help them understand how they can improve their customer experience by seeing exactly what a prospective student is seeing on their website.

“Showing our clients the ability to view customers actions live on their website through Lucky Orange is like magic for them,” said Tiago Soares, Mkt4Edu SEO analyst. “It’s a really delightful moment for us and our clients when we can help them see the possibilities of how we can improve their website.”

Beyond magic and delight, the real value in the Lucky Orange platform for Mkt4Edu clients comes through positive impact on their bottom line.

On average, Lucky Orange helps Mkt4Edu clients improve their conversion rate from lead to enrolled student by about 5 percent.

When you consider the fact that an average lifetime value for a student in Brazil averages R$38,400.00  (US$10,000), increasing conversions by 5 percent can have a significantly positive impact on the bottom line.

Teaching sales teams what interests prospective students

Ask any salesperson and they’ll tell you their sales pitch is always more effective when they know what their prospect is most interested in buying.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball or a lengthy questionnaire to figure this out.

Session recordings from Lucky Orange are the insight tool that helps sales teams refine and tailor their pitch to appeal to exactly what the prospect wants to hear.

A session recording

Here’s how it works for Mkt4Edu clients— A prospective student, who has already come to the client’s website and been qualified as a lead, repeatedly comes back to the site. At this point, the student still hasn’t converted from lead to customer.

It’s time for a little outreach from the sales team.

The sales team can look up the prospect student’s profile in the HubSpot CRM to learn more about their interests before reaching out. For the Mkt4Edu team, one of the most valuable tools the sales team has at their disposal is the session recording of the prospect’s visits to the client website, embedded right there in the HubSpot CRM timeline.

Integration directly into the HubSpot CRM is a key differentiator that sets Lucky Orange aside from others, Soares said.

“Lucky Orange’s integration with HubSpot allows us to see session replays for individual candidates integrated into the HubSpot CRM timeline,” Soares said. “It’s incredibly easy to use, and we find Lucky Orange to be much more intuitive than other solutions.”

This information allows the sales team to make their outreach to potential students more meaningful by zeroing in on the information they care about the most.

For example, when a salesperson reviews a session recording before reaching out to a prospective student, they might see that the student was interested in financial aid. The salesperson can then tailor the outreach to provide more information on that topic.

Building expertise across an industry

The Mkt4Edu team prides itself on its knowledge of what marketing tactics are most effective for the higher education industry. They gain their industry expertise through the scale of the clients they work for across the education sector and from seeing exactly what marketing tactics do and don’t work.

Lucky Orange helped the Mkt4Edu team gain a better understanding of what tactics work best across higher education websites. They can apply this deep understanding across their clients to help them reach their ultimate goal – converting more leads to enrolled students.

“The Lucky Orange platform helps us understand what customer paths convert the best from lead to enrollments,” said Torio Barbosa, Mkt4Edu co-founder. “We use this information to make key changes to their website that help our clients improve their conversion and enrollment numbers.”

Interested in learning how Lucky Orange can help your agency improve conversion rates for clients? Click here to learn more about the plan that’s best for your agency.

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