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Stop losing sales: Three steps to win back the sale when the customer abandons their cart

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You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get people to your website.

You’ve optimized your content for search, you’re running paid search campaigns and you’re even advertising on social sites to raise your brand awareness. You’ve waded through enough technical reading about search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that you feel like you have the equivalent of a medical school degree in gaining website traffic.

Thanks to your hard work, you’re seeing the traffic to your site grow. More visitors are coming to your site than ever before.

Well done, doc.

But there’s something fishy happening.

Lots of people are coming to your site. Traffic is higher than ever before, so why aren’t your sales following the same trend?

You built it, they came.

Now why aren’t they buying your products, downloading your content or requesting your demos?

Doctor (that’s you), it’s time to diagnose the patient (your website visitors) and figure out what’s ailing your visitors.

Just like every good doctor needs the help of the medical team around him, Lucky Orange and ReachDynamics can help you diagnose and treat your website ailments.

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Join us for a joint webinar Jan. 15 at 2 p.m. CST to learn ways that can help you turn those hard-earned website visitors into customers.

Step 1: Seeing what website visitors are doing on their path to the checkout/download/register page

What’s ailing your patients? What’s stopping visitors from becoming customers? These are the first questions to ask yourself when trying to diagnose why visitors are coming to your site but not converting.

If you’re bummed about your conversion rates, don’t get yourself down.

A recent Monetate study found that the conversion rate of online shoppers in the United States for the second quarter of 2018 is only 3.91 percent for desktop users, 3.28 percent for tablet users and 1.61 percent for smartphones.

Identifying the source of your conversion rate maladies starts with knowing the path visitors take to get to conversion, whether that’s adding a product to their cart, downloading that awesome white paper that generates leads or asking for a demo of your software.

You may even have analytics tools like Google Analytics that outline your conversion paths by providing a list of the pages they visited. This is great for visitors that converted, but what about the visitors that got that far but didn’t convert?

Something tripped them up but what?

You need to see what visitors are doing on these pages to diagnose their problems.

Website visitor recordings are your secret diagnostic tool. Also called session replays or session recordings, this useful tool captures a video of a site visitor interacting with your website content. It allows you to see where their mouse moved, what fields they clicked and other pages they navigated to during their visit.

We’ll take you through more detail on how website recordings work on our joint webinar Jan. 15. Be sure to join us an learn how to make the most of advanced session recording features, too, like segmentation and filtering by device type.

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Step 2: Identifying what’s keeping visitors from converting into customers

Watching website recordings can be fascinating but tear yourself away from the screen for a couple of minutes so we give you some insight on what to do with that amazing information.

The next step is to look at dynamic heatmaps once you’ve familiarized yourself with visitor recordings.

This tool provides a visual view of where the most and least number of visitors are engaging with your site. Looking at heatmap data can help you identify problem spots such as areas where users think there should be a clickable link but there isn’t one.

Adding a link to that element makes your site easier to use and could take the user farther down the conversion path.

A scroll-depth heatmaps allows you to see how far down your webpage or app a visitor traveled. This is a great tool to see if users are even making it far enough down the page to see where your call to action (CTA) is placed.

You’ve got a quick fix to optimize for website conversions if you can see that visitors aren’t scrolling down the page. Just move that element up higher on the page.

Lucky Orange scroll depth heatmap
Scroll depth heatmaps show where visitors stop engaging with content

You’ll want to take a to look at your conversion funnels next.

You can customize your conversion funnels to see specific user paths like “checking out” or “create an account.” You can see step-by-step where you lost visitors along the way.

Losing 80 percent of your visitors on the checkout page?

Code blue, doctor, we have a major problem.

It never seems like there are enough hours in the day to get to everything on your to-do list, and now here’s something else you need to tackle. Thankfully, conversion funnels can help you prioritize what the biggest opportunities are to increase conversions, so you know where to start first.

Picking up that checkout page example where you’re losing 80 percent of your visitors, the next step is to look at what they’re are doing on the form itself by jumping into form analytics. Lucky Orange allows you to see the actual form just as it’s displayed on your site as the user interacts with it.

Most conversion rate optimization platforms only show you a numerical summary of the fields where people left your site. You can fix those pesky form fields now that you have the form analytics information in hand.

Lucky Orange form analytics
Lucky Orange form analytics can help identify fields that are problematic for visitors


Step 3: Reengaging customers who left without converting

Let’s take a minute to reflect on the great work you’ve done to build your online brand presence. You’ve:

✔ Put campaigns in place to drive traffic to your site

✔ Watched what visitors are doing once they get to your site to find ways to improve their experience and

✔ Reviewed heatmaps, conversion funnels and form analytics to dive deeper and make sure you’re getting rid of any conversion-sapping worries

Your website is optimized and ready to win back those visitors who didn’t turn into customers. Let’s move on to that next step with some email remarketing from our friends at ReachDynamics. 

It’s frustrating to lose potential customers who came to your site without giving you feedback as to why they left. You’ve got the answer key now, though, thanks to Lucky Orange’s conversion optimization tools and you’re ready to let them know you’re here to win back their business.

One catch, though.

Those visitors left your site before they told you who they were. Would you be surprised to learn that’s not actually a problem?

It may sound like wizardry, but ReachDynamics employs a system that uses website cookies to identify those anonymous visitors and couple it with their contact information from other sources.

While there are tools out there that can help you catch back up with people who have purchased from you in the past, ReachDynamics’ tools don’t require you to have any contact information at all.

So, here’s your second chance to make a great impression on visitors by inviting them to come back to your site. Email retargeting can be a great way to win back people who were interested in having a relationship with your company, like those friendly reminders from your doctor’s office to schedule your annual checkup.

Email remarketing campaigns are a perfect time to offer a discount or limited-time offer to get those customers who experienced a challenge on your site to come back. (Pro Tip: Offer a deeper discount than they can find on your website. They rejected that offer already!)

We suggest letting them know that you fixed the problem and inviting them to come back with the incentive of a special offer to make up for the hassles they encountered before.

ReachDynamics email remarketing campaign example
ReachDynamics can help you recapture sales from visitors who left your site through its remarketing campaigns.

What to learn more? Register today to catch a recording of the Lucky Orange and ReachDynamics joint webinar that originally broadcast on Jan. 15. 

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