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Want to submit a guest blog post? Here’s what you need to know

Lucky Orange leads the industry with our all-in-one conversion optimization insights. We help improve conversions and customer engagement on more than 100,000 websites. As you can imagine, our blog too is always growing, and now we’re on the lookout for contributors.

Let’s face it: When it comes to the digital world, there’s no shortage of amazing insight to be gained.

As experts in the conversion optimization industry, we know firsthand there are millions of websites eager to learn more about ways to increase revenue, improve conversions and keep customers coming back for more.

Whether you run a Shopify store or manage a team of developers at a large nonprofit, you have wisdom to share, stories to tell and best of all, advice that can help other website managers. If you’re interested in sharing content on our blog, we’re ready to hear your pitches!

Does this sound like you? Keep reading to learn more. Or go directly to our form to pitch your ideas!

Get to the Bare Necessities

You can always skip to the good part and read our full editorial guidelines here.

We’re looking for content that is:

  •       Pitched to and approved by our content team: Please don’t blindly send articles to our team!
  •       Original, interesting and driven by data: For example, are you an agency who saved hours of time per analysis using Lucky Orange? Can you show how has chat helped your Shopify store grow business? Go beyond the basics and share with us your experience, expertise and awesomeness. Pitches that can quantify the impact Lucky Orange has had on their business get a Fastpass to the front of the line.
  •       Thought-provoking: Go beyond the “what” and explore the “why” of your topic. If you had trouble converting Facebook traffic and use dynamic heatmaps to help you find the answer, how did you use this data to find out why Facebook referrals required more than one visit to convert?
  •       More than just a list: You’ll see this sentiment repeated often. We want more than just a basic overview of a product (usually copied from a website) with basic information. Put more effort in!
  •       Filled with great sources and research: Back up your advice by sourcing it from research, studies, charts, graphs, etc. We ask for at least three external links from reliable sources and two links to Lucky Orange content.
  •       Follows Pareto’s principle: 80 percent of the content should be helpful, educational or entertaining; the remaining 20 percent can be sales-focused.

Things We Won’t Accept

We hate to bring bad news, but there are just some articles and pitches we cannot and will not accept:

  •       Excessive complaining or criticism of other individuals, products or companies
  •       Vulgarities or excessive swearing
  •       Anything overly promotional
  •       Overly basic lists
  •       Plagiarized content
  •       Inaccurate facts
  •       Copy for a pitch that was not approved

How to Get Started

  1. Check out our editorial guidelines
  2. Fill out our form to submit your post pitch (up to three)

That’s it! Someone from our content team will get back to you as soon as possible to give you the green light or not.

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