Your personal checklist to surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness

The start of Cyber Week is just days away, and you’re checking and double-checking to make sure your website is optimized and servers are ready. Don’t forget to ensure your personal survival during the madness, too.

‘Twas the week of Black Friday, and all through your site,
Happy shoppers were stirring, preparing by day and by night.
All your links were set, all your forms optimized
You made sure nothing would be comprised.

Through the weary long hours to the ambitious sales goals
You are certain that your checkout doesn’t have any holes.
Bring on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too!
You can trust that Lucky Orange will come through for you!

OK, so fun little poems aside, you’ve made it this far preparing for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week and the remainder of the 2018 holiday rush.

Your website is better than ever, and your deals are set. You’ve made sure that the server is capable of handling an influx of visitors, and you’re 99 percent sure you’ve checked and double-checked all of your links.

As the countdown clock to the big day ticks on, here a few tips and tricks to keeping yourself as stress-free and productive as possible.

Advice: Online Survival and Tips

  1. Live view your visitors to intercept conversion-tanking problems.Watch what your visitors are doing in real time. If your current visitor recording product doesn’t offer this feature, consider trying a new one (like Lucky Orange). Live viewing is like sitting beside visitors are they navigate through your website and watching every click, move and scroll.
  2. Set up live chat on your website for real-time customer support and service. Now is the time to give your customers the live chat experience they expect and want. We’ve written about the benefits of it before, and now it’s time to put it into practice. You can quickly answer questions, offer advanced support and even co-browse with visitors to lead them to the right product. If you’re new to Lucky Orange, we even offer a free 15-minute orientation to help set up this and other Lucky Orange features.
  3. Help customers shop. Think of Cyber Monday as more than just a reason to support visitors. Use products like live chat or polls/surveys to help customers shop. For example, if you’re chatting with someone outside of your local area, offer a free shipping discount code. Create a poll to offer complimentary set up services for visitors who make it to the pricing page. Think outside of the box.
  4. Keep an eye on your Lucky Orange dashboard. You’re likely going to be anxious to start seeing the traffic and conversions roll in. If you have a website analytics dashboard, this is the time to customize it and make it perfect for your needs. Monitor traffic, conversion funnels and more from your “mission control” center.
  5. Communicate with your social media and marketing teams to coordinate posts and eblasts. Communication is going to be key. Make sure your teams are communicating or for solo e-stores, keep track of your own social media and eblast schedules. It’ll help you anticipate traffic spikes and monitor the system more carefully for errors during those times.
  6. Think beyond Cyber Monday. Review dynamic heatmaps, conversion funnels and form analytics to digest the wins and losses. Cyber Monday is just the beginning of the holiday season. Regroup after the Cyber Monday and plan your next stage of e-commerce victory.

Helpful hint: Don’t depend solely on Google Analytics. It’s not going to provide the real-time help you need now. We offer a one-week trial – 100 percent free with no credit card required. Lucky Orange also integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce and WordPress, to name a few.

Advice: Offline Survival for Your Sanity

  1. Stay hydrated. Research suggests drinking water can make you more productive at work. If there were ever a time to break your bad habit of not staying hydrated, this is it. You’ll need all the energy you can get to make it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) in particular!
  2. Create a contingency plan ahead of time. Gather your team and consider a plan “just in case” something happens. What if your deal runs out early; how do you communicate it to your visitors? How quickly can your team address server or website issues?
  3. Load up on protein, caffeine and some feel-good snacks. You’ve already spent long days getting your website ready for BFCM, and now it’s time for that energy to pay off. Power your team with protein-heavy food and caffeine to get through the day (and night). Avoid carbs if you can to keep from feeling too sluggish. Don’t forget the feel-good snacks to celebrate as a team at the end of the day.
  4. Stay positive and celebrate the wins. Whether you have a “war room” with sales stats being updated and celebrated throughout the day or just encouraging yourself with positive reminders, don’t focus too heavily on disappointments or errors. Take the Lucky Orange method of success – own up to mistakes, correct them and move on.
  5. Take breaks that involve physical movement and fresh air. Don’t stay glued to your computer screen for the full day. Take breaks often and go outside to walk around. Even if it’s snowing and cold, get your blood moving and refresh your energy levels.

Helpful hint: BFCM may seem like a sprint, but the pace will eventually mellow out to a nice jog in the e-commerce marathon to finish 2018 in the black. Even if your sales fail to meet goals, celebrate your small “wins” and review what you can optimize for the next big selling season.

There’s still time to start using Lucky Orange. Even in the midst of the madness, we can help show you why visitors aren’t converting, what’s preventing them from checking out and find out what visitors really think of your website. The first seven days are on us, so get your free trial started today.

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