The $9 billion reason to focus on mobile this holiday season

Online shoppers are using their smartphones more than ever, and this holiday season, not having a mobile-friendly website could mean missing out on what is expected to be another record-breaking year.

Adobe Analytics released its annual forecast for the 2018 online holiday shopping season, and this year is going to be another record-breaking season for online retailers.

If you’re an online retailer with a mobile-friendly website, you’re going to reap even more benefits.

In fact, if you can make mobile checkout easier, online retailers can increase their total holiday season revenue by 7.3 percent.

Here’s another astonishing fact to digest: Sales made on smartphones hold a $9 billion potential for retailers this season, or the equivalent to earning a second Cyber Monday. Shoppers using smartphones are expected to drive close to one-third of the total revenue of online purchases this year.

Adobe Analytics isn’t alone predicting a dramatic uptick in smartphone purchases this season.

In a September 2018 prediction, Salesforce went one step further and forecast that more purchases will be made on smartphones this holiday season than other devices.

According to Salesforce’s predictions:

  • Smartphones will deliver 68 percent of all e-commerce traffic during the holiday season, 19 percent higher than last year
  • Black Friday is forecast to see 46 percent of orders made through smartphones
  • Shoppers like to leave things to the last minute; smartphone traffic will peak on Christmas Eve and account for 72 percent of all visits and 54 percent of orders

Summary: Mobile Matters

As Adobe Digital Insights head Taylor Schreiner told Business Insider, “Mobile is now the de facto platform for shoppers. Retailers who haven’t yet embraced mobile are about to be left behind.”

If you still don’t believe us, consider this: eMarketer research believes that by the year 2020, retail mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) sales will account for 43 percent of all retail e-commerce sales.

Mobile isn’t going anywhere, and the rise of mobile use while shopping online is only going to continue.

The reality we all have to face is that our digital world is in the process of shifting from mobile-friendly and mobile-first website design and development. There’s just no way around it.

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