The clock is ticking for e-commerce websites to prepare for Black Friday

Countdown to Black Friday: Your quick start guide to Lucky Orange

Make a last-minute dash to optimize your website for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the 2018 holiday season with Lucky Orange. Here’s what you need to know to get started with Lucky Orange.

It’s almost time for Black Friday and we’ve got some points for how you can get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the rest of the 2018 holiday shopping season.

Last year, e-commerce retailers saw U.S. online sales top $107 billion  during the holiday season with one of every six dollars spent between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

To translate:

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Now that you have Lucky Orange to help you get a part of that sweet, sweet e-commerce holiday shopping season pie, here’s the “Cliff’s Notes” guide to make the most of Lucky Orange.


It doesn’t take much for Lucky Orange to start doing its magic.  Most users have few problems installing Lucky Orange on their websites. However, we know every website and user is unique.

To start, sign up for your free trial. Once you sign up, you’ll  be given a tracking code to place on your website.

This code should be placed on each webpage of your site you want to track. We suggest placing it within the >head< section.

If you run into issues, see these links for help:

We also offer a free, personal 15-minute orientation with your dedicated account manager to help make sure that Lucky Orange has been set up just right for your website. Check your welcome email for more information from your dedicated account manager.


Lucky Orange has a wide range of integrations from BigCommerce to Shopify to HubSpot to WordPress. You can see the full list here. We’ve also included our most popular integrations and their installation information:

Where to Start

to keep tabs on customer happiness Live chat and polls are going to be your go-to methods of engaging with your customers. Best of all, there’s no additional installation required. Once you customize and activate chat and/or polls, you’ll be able to immediately connect with visitors and customers alike.

to see where visitors might be experiencing a problem on your site: Start with live view or visitor recordings to see how visitors are interacting and clicking. Filter recordings to find the ones you want to see, such as those from specific geographical locations or sources, such as Twitter or Facebook.

to learn what parts of your website are the most and least popular: Go to dynamic heatmaps to see real-time data populate in an interactive website overlay. Heatmap data populates immediately as you analyze elements or click-through your website. To analyze the popularity of your elements, simply click on the element. Recordings of visitors who clicked on that element will also populate. To navigate your website, click SHIFT and navigate through your website. You can also filter or segment data to show just the clicks or moves you want to analyze.

to find out where most people are not converting: Conversion funnels are your perfect solution, but first you’ll need to set up behavior tags. You’ll be able to set up a conversion funnel in a few minutes after these tags are set up. It’s perfectly customizable to your needs, too. For example, you may want to see how many visitors navigated from homepage > product page > checkout > thank you. Click on any part of the funnel to see the visitors that made it to that part of the funnel without converting.

to identify if your call-to-actions are being missed by visitors: Go straight to scroll maps, a part of dynamic heatmaps. There you will be able to see where visitors stopped scrolling down your page, known as the “effective fold,” or if they bounced before reaching that point.

to understand what’s keeping visitors from converting or slowing them down during the checkout or lead generation process: Form analytics is your place to go. You can access it through either the Form Analytics tab or through dynamic heatmaps. Either way, you’ll be able to see which fields are repeated, take the most time to complete or should be in a different order.

Still need a little more help? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to walk you through installation and set up. Send us an email or give us a call at 913-735-9032.

If you haven’t yet installed Lucky Orange, we have a free seven-day trial waiting just for you. It’s 100 percent free and doesn’t require any commitment or even a credit card. Don’t miss this opportunity to use all of Lucky Orange’s features, including dynamic heatmaps, visitor recordings, live chat, polls and more. 

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