Inside Lucky Orange: Meet Justin Tomlinson

Lucky Orange hit a growth spurt earlier this year, and as we continue to expand, we figured it would be a great time to introduce you to our team. 

What people think I do, customer service, Lucky Orange, Justin TomlinsonIf you’ve reached out to Lucky Orange via chat, email, or phone recently, there’s a good chance you’ve already met Justin Tomlinson.

His job is to work closely with users (like you!) to make sure they are getting the most from Lucky Orange, whether that involves answering how-to questions, guiding them through the set-up process, or troubleshooting issues.

Of course, there’s so much more to Justin than just customer service!

I recently caught up with him over lunch and asked him six questions in 60 seconds for deeper insight into the man behind the screen (and phone):

Angi Bowman (AB): Welcome to the hot seat! You joined our team in January as Lucky Orange’s newest Client Success Representative; how do you describe your job?

Justin Tomlinson (JT): I would describe my job here as the “Superman” to our customers to make sure all their problems are taken care of to the best of my ability so that they have an outstanding time utilizing our software.

AB: It’s been a crazy last six months! What do you love most about working at Lucky Orange?

JT: I enjoy the small family feel of the office! It feels like I have known everyone for my entire life. We all share an incredible bond.

AB:  I know with two kids you don’t have much time to watch movies these days, but if Hollywood were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to see cast as you?

JT: John Krasinski! I’m not really sure why, but he is one of my favorite actors. I am pretty much obsessed with ‘The Office’ television show.

AB: Okay Justin, now it’s time to get personal. What’s something that no one would ever guess about you?

JT: I have a fascination with llamas, but I am not sure why. They just intrigue me!

AB: Everyone in the office has seen your growing collection of claw machine prizes. What’s your secret?

JT: There really is no “secret.” It just requires patience, some subtle studying of how the claw spins when dropped and how best to grab the item as the claw does not always have the strength it should to do so. You have to work with what it gives and what you are after.

AB: It’s almost lunch time, so let’s end on a yummy note. Which restaurant has the best barbeque in the Kansas City area?

JT: Originally, I thought Joe’s Kansas City was the best, and then I stumbled upon Q39. Q39 took the crown at that point.

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