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Isn’t It Time You Loved Your Job Again?

If you’re like 55 percent of Americans, you probably hate your job.

Maybe there was a time when you still had a drive to succeed, but over the months/years, you’ve become stuck.

In fact, you probably can’t even remember a time when you weren’t stressed. More than 1 million workers in the U.S. call in sick to work every single day due to stress.

Whether this scenario sounds familiar or you’re just needing a new lease on life, we have the perfect solution: a job at Lucky Orange!

Do you need another reason to apply? Take your pick:

  1. Our office is at a great location in Overland Park. It’s close to 69 Highway, I-435, and I-35. Whether you live downtown or in the ‘burbs, the commute will be no big deal.
  2. There’s no dress code. Sure, you could wear your three-piece suit to work if you so desire, but wear what you like.
  3. We play as hard as we work. Taking an hour-long break for fun and games, especially at the end of the work day, isn’t rare.
  4. There’s a Hy-vee grocery store just a parking lot away. Buy fresh food for lunch or bring home groceries for dinner.
  5. Did we mention the Nintendo Switch? Some of us rock it at Mario Kart. Others in the office prefer Mario Tennis. What will you dominate?
  6. Nerf guns are just a way of life. ‘Nuf said.
  7. Work outings are more than a suggestion. Past outings include a break-out room, arcade, and mid-day movies.
  8. Stop being confined by tracking PTO and sick days. Enjoy Lucky Orange’s unlimited vacation days.
  9. No micromanaging. We leave the corporate mumbo jumbo to the concrete jungle.
  10. Usually “company lunch” means one of three things: 1) Pizza Friday; 2) holiday potluck; or 3) business meeting. Lucky Orange treats its team to lunch at least once a month – if not more – with no strings attached.
  11. Lucky Orange’s performance incentive is very generous and attainable. The more you want the company to thrive, the more you’ll be rewarded.
  12. Lucky Orange is one of Kansas City’s hottest startups, and let’s just say that this honor was well deserved. Did we mentioned Lucky Orange has been used on 90,000 websites across the world?
  13. Did we mention our 401(k) with employer match? Less than 10 percent of small businesses like ours offer a 401(k) plan, not to mention a matching employer contribution.
  14. Don’t let words like “start up” or “small business” scare you away. We also offer health insurance! 
  15. Finally, the best reason: you get to be YOU. Leave the internal, corporate competition at the door. Our team thrives together with each of us playing a critical role. There’s no finger-pointing when things go wrong, nor is there a boasting match when things go right.

Bonus: You’ll especially enjoy Lucky Orange if you have an addiction to Jimmy John’s. And Mr. Goodcents. And Joe’s Kansas City. And sushi. And grilled cheese. We apparently really like eating.

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