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Ask Professor Tux: What are canned chat responses? 

Live chat is an incredibly awesome tool utilized by thousands upon thousands of websites, and chat operators know the secret to incredible chats – canned responses. 


A canned response, sometimes called a “customer pre-built response,” is like a chat shortcut. Think of it like a copy/paste alternative. Answers to common questions are pre-crafted and can be quickly selected and sent during a chat.


  • Translation concerns: Spanish is not my native language. I’ll be using Google Translate to help you the best I can.
  • When you aren’t quite ready yet: Hi! My name is Bob. It’s going to take a moment or two to pull up your account information. Hang in there, Roger.
  • Why are you better than [competitor]?: While Company Z offers solid products, I can only give you the reasons that our customers have told us for switching to Company Awesome.

How to set up canned responses

  1. Visit Chat » Settings » Canned Responses
  2. Click Create New Response
  3. Once new response has been completed, make sure to select Auto Send if you would like the system to send the message for you. (Note: If multiple responses are set to Auto Send, all will be sent at the same time)
  4. Click Save Changes to complete the set up

How to send a canned response

  1. Type # as first character into chat box
  2. A list of your saved canned responses will appear
  3. Select canned response from list that populates
  4. Send message to user through chat

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Pro Tip for Lucky Orange Users

Once a response from the list of canned responses is highlighted, you can press <Tab> to add it to the chat message field. Or, to send the message immediately, press <Enter>/<Return> instead.

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