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Ask Professor Tux: Using Lucky Orange with A/B test integrations

If you use Optimizely or Google Optimize, pay attention! Professor Tuxington is in the house to guide you integrating Lucky Orange with these popular A/B testing suites. 


A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a form of hypothesis testing that compares two variations/experiments/tests – A and B. For websites, it means testing two versions of a landing page, call-to-action, ad text, or any element of a website, ad, or email.

Lucky Orange + A/B Testing

While Lucky Orange doesn’t provide A/B testing, we do integrate with two of the leading A/B testing suites – Optimizely and Google Optimize. By combining Lucky Orange with your A/B tests, you’ll see how behaviors change and conversions increase across the different variations. It becomes easy to answer questions such as “Which variation saw more clicks on my checkout button?” or “Did more visitors complete my signup form in test A or B?”

Getting Started

  • No setup necessary
  • Already use Optimizely or Google Optimize? Our dynamic heatmap will automatically detect and display variations/experiments for the loaded page

Access the A/B test controls by clicking on the “A/B Tests” button near the top left of the dynamic heatmap:

AB testing, Lucky Orange, Optimizely, Google Optimize

Use the “Experiment” and “Variation” dropdowns to toggle between different visible changes to your website. Selecting a variation will attempt to automatically update the live page with the variation changes.

For example, if a variation changes the color of the page’s header from white to black, selecting that variation will automatically change the header color.

Other variations, however, might require starting with a fresh page load.  In that case, enable “Reload page on variation changes” to reload the current page from scratch with the variation active.

Important Note: Google Optimize does not automatically provide experiment names, only IDs. You must look up the ID of the experiment you wish to display in your Google Optimize dashboard.

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