9 reasons to attend our free (and live!) webinar

Our Intro to Lucky Orange webinar is on Wednesday, and with the days until the webinar counting down, I’m here to help those still debating whether or not to tune in.

If that’s not you, don’t wait! Register for the webinar today!

If that is you, it’s okay! Here are nine reasons you should attend the webinar:

  1. You get to learn all about Lucky Orange. Many of our prospective and new users requested a tour of Lucky Orange, and we listened. Learn the ins and outs of Lucky Orange and what it can do for your website in this no-pressure webinar.
  2. It’s free! It will cost you absolutely nothing to tune in to the webinar, nor will it cost you anything to ask questions of our team.
  3. Find the secret to your website’s success. The more you know how to use Lucky Orange, the more you’ll be able to use it to grow your sales, conversions, revenue, and bottom line.
  4. One hour = endless potential. Your time is precious, and we maximized our webinar with you in mind. It won’t take more than an hour and will provide you with enough knowledge and insight to start growing your webinar instantly.
  5. Watch from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a coffee shop, office, beach, or even staying home in your pajamas. You can watch this webinar from anywhere! A recording of the webinar will also be available shortly after the webinar ends, so if you lose your connection at any point, you’ll still be able to listen in.
  6. Get a leg up on the competition. Are you ready to beat the competition? This webinar will show you how a little Lucky Orange insight is usually all it takes.
  7. Learn how to actually measure results and validate changes. Take opinions, “gut feelings,” and other bias out of the equation. Now you can see results based on facts to drive successful improvements, changes, and campaigns.
  8. You may even have a “lightbulb moment.” Have you ever had a moment of sudden inspiration? Get ready to experience this so-called “lightbulb moment” during the webinar as you discover new insight, new strategies, and new opportunities perfect for your business.
  9. Learn from a real Lucky Orange guru. The webinar will be led by Bradley Friedman, the Director of Client Services here at Lucky Orange. He knows Lucky Orange like the back of his hand and has spent the majority of his career helping websites like yours use Lucky Orange to reach their digital potential.

Don’t wait! Register for the webinar now – time is running out. 

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