Become a Shopify Jedi Master in 3 easy steps

The reality all Shopify stores face is that in today’s ever-evolving digital world, your visitors are more likely to find an Ewok than stay on a poorly designed Shopify store.

Qui-Gon Jinn, a Jedi from the “Star Wars” prequels, wisely once said, “There’s always a bigger fish.”

Or, to apply to the world of the Shopify Jedi, there’s always a better Shopify store.

Jedi, ShopifyBut, the Force is strong with your Shopify store, my Shopify Padawan, and there’s so much more for you to learn to help your store grow. With a little training, that better Shopify store will be yours.

The good news is that the path from Shopify Padawan to Shopify Jedi isn’t filled with mind-numbing tasks or extensive training. Unlike a Jedi in any of the “Star Wars” prequels and sequels, anyone can become a Shopify Jedi with a little help from a very unique set of analytic insight reporting, better known as conversion optimization.

If you’re ready to take the next step to become a Shopify Jedi, let’s get started.

A Few Minutes Ago, In A Shopify Store (Not So) Far Away…

We’re glad to see you join our training, my Shopify Padawan! Waste no time in starting we will.

Let’s start with a problem to solve:

Your Shopify store sees 1,000 visitors each day, with an average of 10 visitors turning into customers. In this situation, what would your conversion rate be? Pick your answer:

  1. 5%
  2. 1%
  3. 10%

The correct answer, of course, is Option B – 1%.

Now, if this were your actual Shopify store, your conversion rate would be slightly below average. According to Startup Compass Inc. Research, the average conversion rate among eCommerce websites is 1.3%.

Back to the original problem. Let’s go one step further:

What is your strategy if you want to grow your Shopify store?

  1. Focus on growing traffic to your Shopify store
  2. Learn more about your visitors to better understand what’s stopping them from becoming customers
  3. Do nothing and go with your gut

This is where the line between Shopify Padawan and Jedi is drawn.

A Shopify Padawan, though driven by the same data, will generally always select Option A to focus on traffic. Mathematically, if 1,000 visitors translated into 10 customers, then 2,000 visitors would result in 20 customers.

A Shopify Jedi, however, would instead focus on Option B and choose to learn from analyzing visitor behavior by watching user recordings, running a dynamic heatmap overlay, communicating via live chat, or running an on-site poll (just to name a few).

Increasing web traffic, while a common impulse when conversions are low, still can’t answer why conversions aren’t happening. If a Shopify store’s marketing efforts are driving 1,000 visits but yielding just 10 customers, is the wrong audience being targeted? Is there something preventing a customer from checking out or signing up?

You can lead a Wookie to water, but you can’t make him drink. You can lead a visitor to your Shopify store, but you can’t make him (or her) convert.

Introducing Keith Bell, A Real Shopify Jedi

Shopify Jedi are no myth, but don’t take our word for it. We would like to introduce you to Keith Bell with Keith has personified what Shopify Jedi can do when provided with the right tools.

Early in his journey, Keith was looking at a new Shopify store that was struggling to gain traction.’s conversion rate was below 1% with just 500 average monthly page views. Instead of guessing what parts of his Shopify store should be changed or focusing on bringing in traffic, Keith took it one step further.

He needed customer behavior insight and searched the Shopify App Store for an option. There he found Lucky Orange, which had all of the features he needed and more.

“[Lucky Orange] allows me to see what is going on at any time in my store,” Keith explains, “I started seeing results fairly quickly. I learned where people were going on my website and where they were leaving.”

Keith’s favorite features included user recordings, the real-time dashboard, live chat, and polls.

It’s no surprise that has taken off, and Keith believes Lucky Orange was a main ingredient behind it.  He calls Lucky Orange as the “driving force behind everything we do to engage more visits and purchases.”

Keith said, “ has a long way to go, but we are now up over 5,000 visitors a month and may break 10,000 this month! Lucky Orange has allowed me to target specific campaigns and track results as well as look into behaviors.”

“We launched a poll to determine what other products to add and have followed up with sales as a result,” he adds. is also trending toward its third straight record sales month, which Keith believes is “just the beginning.”

Inspired by Keith? Take the next step to growing your Shopify store by Shopify Jedi, just like Keith.

Three simple steps to Shopify Jedi Mastery

What are you waiting for? Follow these easy steps to turn from a Padawan into Shopify Jedi:

1. Stop wasting time; install a conversion optimization tool…now.

Shopify’s top-rated conversion optimization app is Lucky Orange app, which also offers a credit card-free extended trial.

A seamless integration between Lucky Orange and Shopify means more insight to grow your Shopify store without needing extensive training or setup. Adding it to your Shopify store is a quick, simple process.

Once Lucky Orange is installed on your Shopify store, data collection will take off. You’ll be able to see visitor recordings, initiate polls, chat with live visitors, and more within the first 15 minutes.

Rudy Bergstrom with explained the benefits of using Lucky Orange the best: “Buyers are our life blood. We must understand them to sell. We can’t watch them shop in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, but Lucky Orange brings us closer to that than any other app.”

TIP: Lucky Orange is Shopify’s preferred reporting choice, but for those who are interested in other options, we suggest ensuring that the tool included a minimum of eight features: dynamic heatmaps, user recordings, form analytics, conversion funnels, poll, chat, dashboard, and daily email reports. Having all features in one app will make it easier analyze data without requiring more than one password, system, and integration.

2. Jump into recordings, dynamic heatmaps, and the dashboard.

Some Shopify Padawans feel empowered by having incredible recording insights while others can feel overwhelmed. A good place to start is with recordings.

Recordings act like a DVR of your Shopify store, which means you can watch as visitors click, move, and scroll around the website. It’s usually a great starting off point for Shopify Padawans wondering where to start.

Monica Anderson is another Shopify Jedi who can attest to the value of using recordings. Monica uses Lucky Orange to help her store,, gain more attention in a crowded marketplace.  She didn’t just watch recordings; live recordings also gave her new clarity of how people actually interacted with her store.

Within a few weeks of using Lucky Orange, Monica was able to boost her store’s conversion rate from 1.8% to 2.5%. Robin Brooks, who runs, experienced equally impressive growth. Very quickly, Robin saw conversion rates go from <1% to 2%.

“The number one benefit has been the ability to see where my visitors are leaving my website,” Robin explained. “It has been an extremely valuable tool to view, learn, and optimize via recordings on Lucky Orange.”

A second place to head is to run a dynamic heatmap. The more data that’s collected, the easier it is identify patterns within the dynamic heatmap. You’ll be able to navigate through your website and see data automatically populate. It’s often used to isolate issues, validate changes, and better under visitor behaviors.

Abhisek Rae with Amrak.In has become a Shopify Jedi thanks in part to dynamic heatmaps. Amrak.In grew from 3,000 monthly page views with a 0.5% conversion rate to 6,000 monthly page views with a 1% conversion rate over the course of just a few months. As Abhisek shared, “Lucky Orange helped me with viewing customer flow and breaking down conversion issues. It was very effective and pocket friendly.”

Tip: Dynamic heatmaps also allow you to segment data to find problems or patterns related to specific users, such as visitors vs. customers, mobile vs. desktop, etc. Recordings will also be listed for specific elements to assist in identifying further insight into what happened before, during, and after a click.

3. Use polls and chat to your advantage.

Now that you have a handle on recordings and dynamic heatmaps, start branching out into other features. Two of the most under-utilized but loved features instead polls and chat. Both offer excellent opportunities to connect with visitors and customers on a personal level.

Lucky Orange Polls
For example, imagine being able to stop visitors before they left your Shopify store by chatting with them and leading them to the right product page. Instead, your Shopify store can also incorporate a poll to ask visitors questions such as, “What stopped you from signing up?” or “How would you rate your experience today?”

Keith found that utilizing a poll did more than just offer insight into user heavier. He explains, “We launched a poll to determine what other products to add and have followed up with sales as a result.”

Tip: Polls can also be isolated to appear only on specific web pages, populate after a specific period of time or scrolling, or target visitors from one source, such as Facebook. 

Are You Ready?

Yoda (yes, that Yoda), really said it best: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

It’s easy to make excuses you aren’t ready to become a Shopify Jedi, but no excuse is enough to miss out on making more conversions, sales, and money:

Excuse Lucky Orange Reality
I don’t have time. Installation is done with a click of a button. Most Shopify users spend about 15 minutes a day watching recordings, but if you get really busy, we also send out a daily email report to your inbox each morning.
I don’t have the money. It’s free to start (no credit card required), and plans start at $10 per month.
I don’t need it. We have yet to meet a Shopify store that didn’t or couldn’t benefit from conversion optimization.
I don’t have the skill. You don’t need a PhD in Data Analytics to use our tools. It’s ready to use “right out of the box” with a tracking code that’s installed with a click of a button.

Here’s what actual Shopify Jedi have to say as well:

  • “Give Lucky Orange a try! Not all features will fit everyone, but there’s enough value here for anyone running an online store. You will quickly realize just how blind you have been to store activity prior to Lucky Orange. It’s far and away our most-used app.” – Keith Bell,
  • “Do it! Lucky Orange is an extremely powerful tool and a game changer in my view. There is nothing more important than being able to experience your store in the eyes of a potential customers. Without a doubt, it’s the most important app on my Shopify store, closely followed by Oberlo.” – Robin Brooks,
  • “Go for it! You won’t regret it!” – Abhisek Rao, Amrak.In
  • “Give it a try! You’ll be surprised what you learn about your customers.” – Monica Anderson,

If nothing more, take inspiration from Obi-Wan from “Star Wars: Episode IV”: “In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.”

You may not recognize it, but you could be in your most desperate hour. Your Shopify store needs you to bring up the best insights to make it the store you know it can be.

Your Shopify Jedi training is now complete. Go, conquer the Shopify universe.

May the Shopify Force be with you. Always.


  • Become a Jedi Master today by utilizing tools such as dynamic heatmaps and recordings to watch your visitors interacting with your Shopify store.
  • Learn from your visitors what prevents them from turning into customers.
  • Armed with this knowledge, make data-driven changes to your Shopify store and see your conversions and sales jump into hyperspace.

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