NEW: Keep me tracking

Our users spoke, and we listened. Now all users will automatically be enrolled in our Keep Me Tracking feature, eliminating any gap in data collection when the plan pageview maximum is reached.

Note: Keep Me Tracking can be disabled or re-enabled at any time by accessing the setting in the “My Account” tab in the dashboard. By default, Keep Me Tracking has been activated for all Lucky Orange users with the exception of those users who have opted out of this functionality. 

What It Means For You
Keep Me Tracking simply means one thing for our users: when a plan’s pageview limitation is reached, the plan will be automatically upgraded to the next plan tier for seamless data collection.

For example, if you are on our Starter plan and surpass 25,000 pageviews, your plan would be upgraded automatically to our Small plan at a prorated price, increasing your pageviews to 60,000.

Many of our users experience seasonal increases in pageviews, such as during summer months or from Black Friday through the end of the year. Others may see growth as their conversion optimization, marketing, or design strategies bring more traffic to their websites.

By utilizing Keep Me Tracking, our users can keep on chatting, analyzing, and watching their visitor even if their plan’s pageview maximums are reached.

Opting Out

We realize that some users may not necessarily want to use this feature at this time.

But first, a word of warning: If you decide to opt-out of Keep Me Tracking, your data collection, chat, recordings, polls, and other Lucky Orange features will be paused once the plan’s pageview limits are reached until the month rolls over or the account is manually upgraded.

To opt-out, simply visit the “Account Info” section under “My Account.” There you can toggle the setting for Keep me tracking.

You can always opt back-in at a later time.

Note: Only master accounts can make changes to this feature.

To learn more about Keep Me Tracking, click here to read our help documentation.

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