Top 3 CRO resolutions to make in 2018

How is that New Year’s resolution going? ‘Tis the season to reflect on our goals and resolve to make one or more resolutions/changes to improve our businesses, agencies, and personal lives.

As a business or agency, you’ve probably spent the last month or so already thinking what you can do differently in 2018 to grow your business and impress your clients without breaking your budget.

You have some incredible ideas, but as Guy Kawasaki famously once said, “ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”

The good news is that it’s not too late to re-examine your goals and resolutions. We’ve compiled the top three Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) resolutions just for businesses and agencies to make for the coming year:

Resolution #1: “I resolve to better understand the customer’s journey.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re a content marketer or a senior developer (or somewhere in between) – it’s absolutely crucial to dive into the customer’s journey to and through your website.

To start, create buyer personas to help identify patterns about different buyers. Dynamic Heatmaps can help break down your typical customer experience even further, such as by phases (i.e. awareness, discovery, attraction, etc.) or by persona behaviors.

Combine the data from Conversion Funnels and Recordings with qualitative data from Chat, Polls, social media conversions, and blog comments to shape the map of this journey and help your business provide the experience customers crave and demand.

Resolution #2: “I resolve to make time for customer engagement.”
Many businesses use CRO to watch User Recordings, analyze Dynamic Heatmaps, and monitor an analytic Dashboard to better understand how visitors and customers actually use the website. All of this information is incredibly useful, but it shouldn’t stop there. Making time for customer engagement and feedback is just as important.

Resolve this year to implement a Live Chat or Polling system on your website to connect with your visitors. They are real people just like you, and they have plenty to tell you if you just ask the right questions. Let customers drive your next solutions!

Mini Case Study: Lucky Orange is actually a great example of how customer engagement can work. In 2016, more users began to email and call in with their frustrations dealing with static heatmaps. A new poll and open chatline offered insight to not only what users experience and wanted but also how much these heatmaps didn’t detail. Our development team went to work and churned out Dynamic Heatmaps, which quickly impressed our current user base and drove an increase in conversions. By the end of 2017, Lucky Orange surpassed its 100,000 user – an incredible 110% increase from the year before.

Resolution #3: “I resolve to start demanding dynamic tools for my dynamic website.”
The era of static websites is over. Websites today are coming more dynamic, more engaging, and more interactive than ever before. That being said, why are many businesses depending on static data insights to improve their conversion rates?

It’s time to toss your static data insights to the curb. There are plenty of dynamic options available, such as Dynamic Heatmaps provide you with information on every single element, including dropdowns and hamburger menus, as you navigate through your website via an awesome interactive overlay. There’s really no reason NOT to use dynamic data insight tools anymore.

**BONUS! Resolution #4 (for our agency friends): “I resolve to stop wasting time on poor reporting.”
Agency friends, it’s time to end bad reporting. If you’re manually updating spreadsheets, overloading your clients with too many metrics, relying too heavily on screenshots, not using the right (if any) visuals, or giving all clients the same reporting information, then it’s time to make a change. We have an upcoming webinar that will tackle this very issue. Stay tuned for more information!

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