Lucky Orange chat sends The Valero Alamo Bowl into the end zone

If baseball is America’s favorite past-time, football is America’s favorite obsession.

There’s just no way around it: Americans love their football, and college football is no exception.

For several months out of the year, spirited fans loudly cheer on their beloved college teams as these incredible athletes battle each weekend for another victory. At the end of the season, only the best teams from each conference face off in bowl games for ultimate college football supremacy.

One of those bowl games is The Valero Alamo Bowl.

Each December, as many as 60,000 spirited fans flocked to San Antonio to watch their team (hopefully) dominate their equally-matched opponent.

For the staff working behind the scenes at The Valero Alamo Bowl, that means the pressure is on to give these fans an amazing experience beginning even before the college football season kicks off.

Tens of thousands of people visit each month, and the number of visitors only increases as the season progresses and the play-off games near. It’s a monumental task to satisfy so many prospective visitors and returning customers, but thanks to Lucky Orange, it’s a task that even a small number of staff can handle with ease.

Though the Valero Alamo Bowl utilizes the majority of Lucky Orange’s features, including dynamic heatmaps, user recordings, conversion funnels, and more, the group uses Lucky Orange’s chat the most.

Having the ability to chat with customers directly have opened a door of possibilities for The Valero Alamo Bowl, including:

  • Quick to install and easy to use: Installing Lucky Orange took a matter of minutes, and within 15 minutes, Lucky Orange had been installed, chat customized, and staff trained. The Valero Alamo Bowl was especially impressed that Lucky Orange’s chat required virtually no training at all. Anyone could pick up and understand Lucky Orange chat almost instantly.
  • Multi-tasking magic: With a small team like The Valero Alamo Bowl, managing efficiency is a key requirement of any software. There is simply wasn’t enough manpower to answer the hundreds of calls typically experience as the big game near. With an online chat, one chat operator could handle multiple chat requests without becoming overwhelmed.
  • New ways to connect with guests: The Valero Alamo Bowl knew that chat had to only improve a customer’s experience…and it did. Guests now had an immediate link to staff for questions, comments, and ticket purchase issues. Staff could also initiate the conversation if necessary to help visitors find the information they needed.

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