5 tips to avoid plugin glitches

Let’s face it – plugins can be an amazing resource (check out my favorites here and here), but even the most popular and useful plugins can be glitchy.

Does anyone REALLY have time for that?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid glitchy plugins and find the best ones for your site:

  • Test the plugin FIRST. Would you push a new website design out immediately or leave it in staging or a similar development environment until it’s been thoroughly tested and tested some more? Treat plugins with that same concern in case the plugin breaks code or interferes with existing plugins on the site.
  • Contact the plugin company. Reach out to the developer or the plugin company’s customer service team before installing to describe how your site is designed. Additional code may be recommended to avoid any conflicts between the plugin and your site or maximize functionality. Don’t forget to subscribe to the developer’s update emails to stay on top of bug fixes or enhancements.
  • Check the competition. Competition is everywhere, including plugins. Do your research prior to installing to compare similar plugins from different developers for each function.
  • Insert a header or footer. Do yourself a favor and insert a header or footer in one file running across every page on your site to make it easier to install plugins. Simply add a plugin in one location to make it appear across the entire site.
  • Keep taps on your plugins. Be now you probably already know that sometimes things happen. Test your site and plugins regularly by going through your webpages like your customers would, including signing up for newsletters or completing a purchase. You’ll see quickly what is working and what may be broken.

Let us know: What are your favorite plugins?

Note: The above article was originally published at business2community.com.

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