9 things you never knew about Lucky Orange [INTERVIEW]

Editor’s note: The following interview was originally featured on Siftery.com.

You may know Lucky Orange’s features, but how well do you know the background of Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange COO and Co-Founder Danny Wajcman had an exclusive opportunity to sit down with Siftery’s Kevin William David to talk about Lucky Orange’s past, present, and future:

Kevin William David: What is Lucky Orange?

Danny Wajcman: Lucky Orange is a website’s secret weapon to improve conversion. As the industry’s original all-in-one conversion optimization package, we help website owners virtually sit with visitors to watch interactions with their websites. That means you can access all of our features, including Dynamic HeatmapsVisitor Recordings, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Chat, Polling and Surveys when you become a Lucky Orange customer.

It doesn’t matter if you run a Fortune 500 website or are just starting out with a Shopify store, you will be able to go well beyond the limited scope of Google Analytics to take the guesswork out of conversion with visual, easy-to-use tools that complete any digital toolbox.

KWD: Why did you build Lucky Orange?

DW: It all came down to one thing — frustration. Lucky Orange co-founder and CTO Brian Gruber and I were just two small business owners fed up with the lack of tools in the market. We quickly discovered we would need either an enterprise-level budget (which we didn’t have) to get all of the features we wanted or use products so complicated that we needed a Ph.D. in data analytics (which we didn’t want to have) to even get started!

Brian and I said “forget that” to these options and decided to create our own product instead. All that we wanted was an easy-to-digest and indisputable way to understand what people were doing on our site…and Lucky Orange was born. Now website owners, like us, had a way to access to features that cut through the data clutter to move from analysis to understanding.

KWD: How is Lucky Orange different from what’s already exists in the market?

DW: On the surface, Lucky Orange may just seem like another conversion optimization company. Here are some the key differences between us and our competition:

1) We focus on our customers. Our goal is to focus on creating tools to provide actual value to our customers, their businesses, and the websites. We actively listen to our customers daily to better understand their needs and listen to their product feedback.

An excellent example of this would be our Dynamic Heatmaps.

Now, heatmaps themselves are nothing new. Lucky Orange even offered static heatmaps for years, but Brian and I knew we wanted more. The Internet and web design are constantly evolving, and so much of today’s mobile-optimized pages, such as drop-downs and hover menus, couldn’t be captured in a single, static heatmap. It’s so easy to see how people who do convert used the website different than those who didn’t.

We turned to our customers for their feedback and quickly saw the opportunity to try something completely new to the industry — a Dynamic Heatmap. It’s actually an overlay that lets you interact with your own website to navigate from page to page, hover over menus, and click on drop-downs while seeing click, move, and scroll depth data information populate quickly. I could really geek out about our heatmas, so let’s just say that you should go check it out for yourself.


2) We say “no” to only sampling. Unlike companies like HotJar or Crazy Egg, we do not sample your visitors or traffic. ALL visitors to your site are recorded as soon as you set up our Javascript tag on your site.

There are no experiments to run. There are no samples to sort through. We are simply “always on.” That means you can find John Doe’s recording from two weeks ago AND generate a heatmap for the same data without having to worry about whether John’s data will be sampled or not. .

3) You can get a really, really great price. Our entry plan for all features if just $10 a month, and you can pay as you go. There are no annual commitments, nor do you even need a credit card to give us a try.


4) Personally identifiable information (PII) data is anonymized by default. Information like names, addresses, or credit cards are not transmitted through Lucky Orange. Every character from every field on every page is replaced with an asterisk before any data is recorded to keep all data anonymous.

Of course, if you have certain fields that are not sensitive such as fields for quantities, products, or coupon codes, you can enable keystroke capturing for these fields.

5) Support is waiting. Our support is a key value and cornerstone of our business. If you want to learn more about anonymizing PII data (or any other aspect of Lucky Orange), you can reach out to use through email, chat, and phone support. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a $10 plan or an enterprise-level account, you get our full attention.

KWD: Who uses Lucky Orange? 

DW: One of the first things we do when working with companies is to find out their overall goals and how their business operates. With this information, we personalize demos and training to reach all of the departments and teams who will access Lucky Orange since every team will use Lucky Orange in slightly different ways to gain distinct insights.

For example:

  • Marketing may look at which sources are converting and making it deeper into the conversion funnel than other sources. With this information, the team can adjust their media buys and spends accordingly.
  • Content teams may watch heatmaps and scroll depth maps to ensure copy is not too long or being ignored completely. If a call-to-action needs to be updated, it can be done with confidence and not guesswork.
  • Web design may watch visitor recordings to catch console log errors and other issues that could prevent users from moving through the site.
  • Sales teams may use Lucky Orange to play recordings of what a customer did on the site before making a sales call to see what products or services the customer viewed. If Mary looked at Products A and C but not B, you can focus that call to turn Mary from lead to customer.
  • Customer support may utilize Lucky Orange’s chat feature to connect with visitors as they visit the website, answer questions, and help convert more visitors before they bounce. The team can also co-browse with visitors to point them in the right direction if necessary.
KWD: Have there been unique use cases for Lucky Orange that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

DW: So many of our customers often say they didn’t know a popup was causing customer confusion or that a call-to-action wasn’t linked correctly. Can you imagine how much you would gain if you could sit down with visitors to browse with them? With Recordings, you can!

Diving into Heatmap patterns creates new cases as well. By segmenting by source, a company could easily identify fraud sources and bot traffic. Using this information, the company can then better allocate money for better ad placements.

My favorite cases are those involving online traffic sources and interaction with websites.

Why is it my favorite?

The answer is simple: I love to identify the moment when a Lucky Orange customer actually sees how different users, such as those using a mobile device (rather than a desktop) or who came from Facebook (rather than a search engine query), are interacting so very differently.

KWD: Who are some early/key customers?

DW: Here’s the thing about Lucky Orange — every single customer, whether our first or 100,000th — have been so important to our success as a company. It’s not by chance that our welcome message to new customers encourages feedback.

No suggestion is too big or too crazy. Some of the craziest suggestion we’ve received ended up being our most popular features!

The bottom line is that we love hearing from our customers and learning how they utilize Lucky Orange on their websites. The more we understand, the better we can develop a product that will provide even more value to our customers and their businesses.

Some of earliest customers included range from early start up companies, to Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between, including: Cirque du soleilCVSAdobeStandford UniversityCloudinary,Lucid ChartTitleist and more.

KWD: What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on, and how did you solve them?

DW: Without a doubt, demand has been our biggest challenge. We are constantly having to scale up our technical capacity to keep pace with the demand!

Thankfully, we have one heck of an incredible development team who isn’t afraid of a challenge.

They are constantly coming up with ways to look for new ways to improve our script efficiencies, reduce load times, and build a more efficient backend system that still tracks all visitors at the same low cost our customers want. That is, as long as we feed them sushi and include them in a few Mario Kart circuits every so often. (I’m kidding — they really are a great team!)


KWD: What have been some of the most interesting integrations you’ve added? Are there any that have been particularly impactful for you?

DW: We’ve seen a huge uptick in integrations and partnerships over the last six months or so. When done right, it’s a true win-win for every business involved — both parties gain from mutual brand exposure. Best yet, the integration creates new potential for the end users.

For example, our recent integrations with Shopify and HubSpot have provided a new customer base for Lucky Orange while opening new doors for businesses who utilize these sites. I can’t say enough how many great testimonials have come from these integrations.

KWD: Last question! What are the top products that you depend to run the company, & how do you use them?

DW: There are plenty of products that help us run our business, including:

  • Lucky Orange — It’s not really a shock, I know. We use Lucky Orange chat in particular to answer questions about our features.
  • Chart Mogul — Managing subscriptions while monitoring growth and churn are made possible thanks to Chart Mogul.
  • Help Scout — Users can submit their own technical tickets and feature requests at which point a member of our development or customer service teams will assist.
  • GitHub — A business like ours thrives organizing our thoughts and duties, and through GitHub, we create (and prioritize) tasks, boards, and milestones for new features and product enhancements.
  • Browserstack — Like I said previously, we test and test (and test again) our new releases, and thanks to Browserstack we can test new releases in a plethora of scenarios.


  • Nintendo 64— I can’t stress enough how vital Nintendo 64 is to our office. Our team likes to work hard, but playing just as hard is necessary to avoid burn-out and instill a little friendly competition. Top office games include Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and NFL Blitz

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