Lucky Orange’s dynamic heatmaps: Better than Google Analytics says digital marketing agency

We’re a small yet agile digital marketing agency who works with small to medium sized organizations to improve their website conversions.

We had a new client who was looking to increase traffic via search engine marketing, more specifically Google AdWords. We set-up and maintained a solid AdWords campaign that brought in new, relevant traffic to his site proven by the Google AdWords search terms. However, after a few months, the client wasn’t getting the conversions (emails and phone calls) they were looking for.

Luckily, we ensured the client had Google Analytics properly set-up before adding AdWords to their digital marketing strategy. The Analytics data was helpful but we knew we weren’t getting the full story.

We could see that people were were not only viewing multiple pages, but looking at important pages like the contact page. Yet, still no emails or phone calls. Overall, there was a major disconnect.

We plugged in the first heat mapping software we could find, Mouseflow. With the additional data and research, we determined that the client had too many calls-to-action resulting in no action at all.

Mouseflow was a great solution for one client, but as our client base grew, it quickly became too expensive for our small digital marketing agency ($400 for ten websites per month).

We did some research and found Lucky Orange pricing was not only cheaper ($100 for 16 websites per month) but supported quick feedback / polls for users. Best of all, it’s incredibly user-friendly. Overall, Lucky Orange is a great Mouseflow alternative.

Our Two Favorite Things About Lucky Orange

  1. Dynamic Heatmaps

    Heatmaps are a quick and easy way to understand the most popular places people click on a single web page.

    We have a number of clients from the same property management. We reviewed heatmap data across the different clients and realized that “Floor Plans” were accessed the most frequently across all properties from the majority of different pages.

    With this data, we were able to update pages to make sure they had clear calls-to-action to get the most out of our website traffic.
  2. Recordings

    User recording are a great way to slice and dice user data across different demographics. Can easily export rows to compare and contrast data against browsers, operating systems, devices, number of visits, UTM tracking, and more.

One of the best ways we’ve used recording data is by viewing visitor locations and the strength of activity on the website to determine what locations to target on different online channels. For example, we created a 20 mile radius for paid social media and Google AdWords ads from the location of the property management.

All of our clients sites, and our own, now have Lucky Orange plugged in.

About the Author: Courtney Rambo is the Director at Intellitonic and frequent user of Lucky Orange.

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