Bluefly takes customer insight to the next level by “accessorizing” with Lucky Orange

From Gucci to Prada and everything in between, Bluefly offers its designer-loving shoppers the largest online fashion destination with more than 2,500 brands and 15 million pageviews per month. Bluefly’s customer base demands designer-quality products and expects the company’s website to have a similar caliber of design. After all, visitors are told to “find what you seek at Bluefly.”

However, the tables were turned as the company sought to learn more about visitor behavior.

To meet these high demands, the company turned to Lucky Orange to help learn about visitor behavior, gain new insight of potential conversion optimization roadblocks, and troubleshoot persistent issues present during testing while staying on budget.

It may sound like a big task, but Lucky Orange was up for the challenge.

The Lucky Orange Solution
After an extensive search among the industry’s top conversion optimization options, Lucky Orange proved to be the right fit.

As Bluefly’s former Vice President of Technology Rigel Langkay explained, “Lucky Orange gave us what we needed for the best price.”

Bluefly’s technical team wasted no installing Lucky, and the analytics were easily accessible. The team focused heavily on user recordings and heatmaps to see exactly what customers were experiencing.

Results & Benefits
With customer data at their fingertips, the team discovered what sections of the site visitors were clicking and how they used the website. With an average cart abandonment rate of 80%, Lucky Orange also assisted with testing.

“We used Lucky Orange together with our platform migration. It helped us replay sessions when we were troubleshooting issues that persisted during the testing phase,” Rigel said.

In the end, Lucky Orange not only fit Bluefly’s budget but also satisfied its needs to keep customers happy and business thriving.

If you would like to give Lucky Orange a try to find out what we can do for you, click here to sign up to get started.

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