Dear JavaScript Wizards: We Need YOU!

Let’s just cut to the chase – Lucky Orange is expanding our team, and we want you to join us.

If you rock modern JavaScript in particular, listen up!

We’re currently looking for a JavaScript Full Stack Developer who looks something like this (cape optional):
Lucky Orange, Javascript, Hiring, Dynamic Heatmaps

Here’s the full job posting for your viewing and applying pleasure.

To summarize thus far…

…Who do we want? YOU!
…When do we want it? NOW! (Or soon)

“But I don’t have a degree,” you say?

Guess what? We don’t really care.

You heard that right – we really don’t care if you do or do not have a degree.

We Want Your Skillz

If you’re from corporate America, you’re probably used to job descriptions that include a degree and/or GPA as a minimum requirement. Traditional employers seem to love to rely heavily on degrees to validate a candidate’s worth.

Fact: We’re not corporate America.
Fact: We believe skills are far important than a degree.

That’s not to say degree programs are worthless. If you have a degree in computer science and love modern JavaScript, we would love to talk to you, too! It’s just that skills are more important to us than a degree.

Did you know that in a recent survey of 56,000 developers, two-thirds of those who responded were self-taught?

In fact, here at Lucky Orange, each member of our team is at least partly self-taught in their fields.

So now it’s your turn.

You’ve read our job posting and are obviously interested to some degree. It’s time to stop making excuses why you’re not applying.

Come on; just apply already! Show us how incredible you are.

(Psst: You’re going to love working here!)

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