Love @ first [site]: Why user feedback matters

So you want to solve your (or for our agency friends, your clients’) conversion issues, but where do you even begin?

At Digital Agency Day 2017, Lucky Orange Co-Founder and COO Danny Wajcman and Senior Account Executive Bradley Friedman brought these issues into focus with practical conversion solutions thanks to an unlikely yet applicable comparison to speed dating.

In the video, you’ll be introduced to Sam, our hopeless speed dater and website owner. He’s left making changes (upon changes upon changes) with the hopes it solves these underlying issues.

But when those changes fail to be the fix Sam needed, now what?

>>Hint: If he had user feedback, it would have made all the difference.

Check it out here or by playing the embedded video below:

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Teach your clients how to “close the deal” with more website visitors
  • How to easily identify and address conversion issues
  • Common conversion mistakes agencies and their clients make
  • Why user feedback is an essential aspect of conversion optimization (and dating)
  • GDD & CRO hacks to make both your client and boss happy
  • …Plus much more!

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