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Are you missing these WordPress plugins?

Today anyone can assemble a professional, user-friendly website themselves with the help of a team of developers and designers. Even those companies who feel limited by their lack of coding knowledge can still have all of the technical bells and whistles thanks to plugins.

Even so, I know you don’t have time to vet each plugin and weed out the duds. I’ve already done it for you.

Here are the five of my favorite “don’t-miss” underrated plugins that are not only economical (or even free) but will also suit your company’s needs.

Note: Each of these plugins are available through WordPress.

  1. Simple Basic Contact Form: Embed a contact form within your website so visitors can send you feedback and messages directly. It’s straightforward, easy to install, yet also fully customizable.
  2. BackupBuddy: Worried about hackers or a failed software update? This nightmare can be put to rest with BackBuddy. Packages start at $80 per year and provide automatic, partial, or full backups to enable your company to restore a website if it’s compromised in any way.
  3. Broken Link Checker: Nothing is more annoying – or looks more amateur – than broken links. Broken Link Checker not only finds broken links but also sends you a report for an easy fix.
  4. 404 Redirected: A 404 error, caused when a webpage that has been deleted or had its URL changed, is enough to cause more visitors to exit stage left. Thankfully, 404 Redirected easily forwards those pages to a live, working page on your site instead.
  5. Flow-Flow Social Stream: Social media plays a significant role in a company’s growth, and thanks to Flow-Flow Social Stream, it’s simple to embed customizable social media streams.

Tune in next week for seven more plugins for your website.

Note: The following article was originally published at business2community.com.

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